Basketball is popular with not only male but also female players. The basketball matches attract the attendance of thousands of fans each year. Here are some of the women’s basketball teams whose matches draw a wide range of spectators.

1/ Bourges Basket

It is not deniable that Bourges Basket, a French women’s basketball club, satisfies every criteria of the most popular one. The team’s fans are passionate and all know about the basketball. These supporters always turn out in a large number and have a prestigious tradition.

When the Le Prado Arena is full, it is a fantastic sight with distinctive orange and black colors.

What makes their fans more brilliant is that it goes beyond the game. There is a huge community of volunteers. Many of the fans would spend their time on the giant eateries inside Le Prado during the gaming day. Many of whom have lived on a diet of the women’s basketball players for decades.

2/ Fenerbahce

The supporters of Fenerbahce are famous for the dedication, loyalty, and intense passion for all matches. They always make incredible noise for their team to express their love for the Turkish juggernauts.

Although some critics pointed out that there is a modest following during the Regular Season, the women’s basketball fans of Fenerbahce are still capable of making a great atmosphere. However, when the team gets to the latter stages, the number of supporters will increase amazingly, corresponding to the deafening noise they can make.

3/ Galatasaray

Reminding the fans of Galatasaray in particular and the women’s basketball clubs, this list is in alphabetical order. The Istanbul giant has included the list for the exact same reasons as its fierce rivals. The hardcore followers show so much love for their team. When Galatasaray does edge towards silverware, its ranks skyrocket as we have seen several times, especially the absolute success in the EuroCup Women.