Basketball is popular for both men and women in the United States. Of which, Laeticia Amihere and Fran Belibi are among the youngest female players in the world. Both of them were born in 2001 and are now at the age of 19.

1/ Laeticia Amihere

Born on July 10, 2001, Laeticia Amihere is one of the youngest Canadian basketball players. At the age of 15, she became the first Canadian female player to dunk during a competition at the Boo Williams Invitational tournament in 2017.

Since the video of her dunk released, Laeticia Amihere has been famous and received the attention of former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal and Canadian hip-hop artist Drake.

Laeticia Amihere is ranked fourth among Canadian basketball players, down from her second position in the 2019 ranking. According to a report on ESPN website, she is set to become the face of Canadian women’s senior basketball program, which come the fifth place in the world.

She started playing internationally for Team Canada in 2015 after having played in many local leagues, including the ‘Nike Cup’ in July 2013. She attended ‘She’s Got Game Classic’ in December 2016 and the ‘Boo Williams Invitational’ in April 2017. In 2017, she was chosen in FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball all-star team.

2/ Fran Belibi

Born July 20, 2001, Fran Belibi is among the youngest American basketball players. She is famous for becoming the first girl to dunk during a high-school match. As soon as the video of her dunking at a game in Colorado in January 2017 publicized, she achieved the feat.

She then did the act again during another math in December 2017, affirming that her previous result was not a fluke.  

Although she started playing basketball only from September 2015, Fran Belibi is listed among the top 25 prospects in the ESPN HoopGurlz rankings.

She played three seasons at Regis Jesuit High School. When playing for the United States, Fran Belibi has helped her teams win gold medals at the ‘2017 FIBA Americas U16 Championship’ as well as ‘2018 FIBA U17 World Cup’. Besides, she helped the U.S. win the ‘2018 Latvia U17 International Invitational’ title.