Antonija Misura: the hottest female basketball player in the world

Dubbed the Queen of European Basketball, Antonija Misura has been fluttering the hearts of many male ballers for many years.  With an ideal height of 1m81, Antonija Misura makes men stand up every time they appear in front of the camera lens. The Croatian basketball player and his national team won the Bronze Medal of […]

A number of women American baseball players are … starving

Baseball is the world’s second richest sport. However, during the Covid 19 season, baseball players have to complain about the danger of starvation before they are hit by the disease. According to Rules Of Sport, among the ten richest sports in the world, baseball is ranked No. 2 and is also predicted to climb to […]

The Covid-19 outbreak began to rage, with the first U.S. female professional basketball case identified

Since the first positive case for SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 pandemic reportedly entered the WNBA tournament. Sydney Wiese, a Los Angeles Sparks football team player, recently shared on her official Twitter profile that she tested positive for the new coronavirus. It is remembered that the first event of the American Women ‘s Professional Basketball Tournament (WNBA) […]

Top African Women’s Basketball Players in Decade (P3)

7/Mame Marie Sy (Senegal) Mame Marie Sy is the kind of player that coaches love to have on their teams thanks to her tirelessness and aggressiveness. She reflected the tenacity of Senegal over the last ten years. The 1.9-meter power forward won two African titles and has not missed any single international tournaments while playing […]

Top African Women’s Basketball Players in Decade (P2)

4/ Ezinne Kalu ( Nigeria) Ezinne Kalu was little known before she made her debut with the Nigerian national team and almost caused damages at the FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament in France in 2016. Arriving in Nantes as an unknown player, Kalu returned home as a future leader. Despite the three memorable points scored […]

Top African Women’s Basketball Player in Decade (P1)

The FIBA Africa Editorial Team has researched the history books and listed 12 players from eight nations who are famous for their achievements and contributions for a decade. 1/ Leia Dongue (Mozambique) As the history book, Leia Dongue has ever scored less than 13 points and seven rebounds per game for a decade at the […]

Which Women’s Basketball Clubs Have Best Fans? P1

Basketball is popular with not only male but also female players. The basketball matches attract the attendance of thousands of fans each year. Here are some of the women’s basketball teams whose matches draw a wide range of spectators. 1/ Bourges Basket It is not deniable that Bourges Basket, a French women’s basketball club, satisfies […]

BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Event to Take Place in Conn

The Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn will host the BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Tournament from 2021, the Conference has revealed. The both sides’ agreement has lasted three years and will include the 2021, 2022, and 2023 postseasons. Earlier, the BIG EAST finished a three-year contract to hold the Women’s Basketball Tournament in Wintrust Arena […]

World’s Best Female Basketball Players

Many people think that competitive sports such as football, baseball, and basketball are only suitable for strong men. The followings are the world’s top six best female basketball players who prove that the thinking is not correct. 1/Carol Blazejowski The first name of the top best female basketball players is Carol Blazejowski. She became more […]