Realizing the financial challenges faced by many WNBA female players, Kyrie Irving emerged and took decisive action

Although the NBA is well underway and has gained a lot of support for safety and strict isolation, the Women’s League of the WNBA has not been that smooth. 

The season even began at a place like the NBA, but the WNBA granted the players the right not to participate this season. 

However, only a few female players who leave the game will be given a wage. And players who wish to sit out of the WNBA game as a message to combat racial inequality or outrage over the COVID-19 will lose their own paychecks.

Kyrie Irving rushed to the rescue to guarantee that the female workers did not suffer. 

Yesterday, Superstar Brooklyn Nets set up a $1.5 million financial fund in its own pocket to support WNBA stars who are not paid for retirement. 

If they wish to retire to advocate for human rights, reflect on their own wellbeing, or actually do not want to abandon their families at this period, hopefully they will be supported.

At the same time, Irving also called on other NBA brothers to support more money in this fund, opening up more doors to benefit more WNBA female players in the future.

More to the AP, Kyrie Irving said he was aware of the dilemma that the WNBA female players Cloud and Jewell Loyd helped him get in touch with the WNBA administration, listening to the problems the tournament faced with the players. 

Irving himself is not in favour of a relaunch of the NBA season, but he’s not very excited to see what’s going on at WNBA. 

Kyrie, however, agreed to support instead of giving up any objections, well aware that the WNBA was already making tremendous strides to combat black justice in America.