Which Women’s Basketball Clubs Have Best Fans? P1

Basketball is popular with not only male but also female players. The basketball matches attract the attendance of thousands of fans each year. Here are some of the women’s basketball teams whose matches draw a wide range of spectators.

1/ Bourges Basket

It is not deniable that Bourges Basket, a French women’s basketball club, satisfies every criteria of the most popular one. The team’s fans are passionate and all know about the basketball. These supporters always turn out in a large number and have a prestigious tradition.

When the Le Prado Arena is full, it is a fantastic sight with distinctive orange and black colors.

What makes their fans more brilliant is that it goes beyond the game. There is a huge community of volunteers. Many of the fans would spend their time on the giant eateries inside Le Prado during the gaming day. Many of whom have lived on a diet of the women’s basketball players for decades.

2/ Fenerbahce

The supporters of Fenerbahce are famous for the dedication, loyalty, and intense passion for all matches. They always make incredible noise for their team to express their love for the Turkish juggernauts.

Although some critics pointed out that there is a modest following during the Regular Season, the women’s basketball fans of Fenerbahce are still capable of making a great atmosphere. However, when the team gets to the latter stages, the number of supporters will increase amazingly, corresponding to the deafening noise they can make.

3/ Galatasaray

Reminding the fans of Galatasaray in particular and the women’s basketball clubs, this list is in alphabetical order. The Istanbul giant has included the list for the exact same reasons as its fierce rivals. The hardcore followers show so much love for their team. When Galatasaray does edge towards silverware, its ranks skyrocket as we have seen several times, especially the absolute success in the EuroCup Women.

BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Event to Take Place in Conn

The Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn will host the BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Tournament from 2021, the Conference has revealed.

The both sides’ agreement has lasted three years and will include the 2021, 2022, and 2023 postseasons. Earlier, the BIG EAST finished a three-year contract to hold the Women’s Basketball Tournament in Wintrust Arena in Chicago.

The BIG EAST’s move has followed the recent approval of the University of Connecticut to the conference as a member school. UConn has been a charter member of the BIG EAST since the conference was established in 1979. However, it officially participated in the conference on July 1, 2020.

BIG EAST Commissioner Val Ackerman expressed his excitement when the conference had brought one of the premier competitions to Mohegan Sun Arena, one of the long-standing facilities to serve as one of the most famous women’s basketball venues in the country. 

Mohegan Sun Arena is located in southeastern Connecticut, which has year-round entertainment activities with the participation of Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, The Eagles, and Taylor Swift.

The 10,000-seat venue also hosts boxing championships and MMA, top-touring stand-up comedy, WWE, NCAA Division I, and professional basketball. It is home to the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun since 2003.

The past seven BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Tournaments took place in the Midwest, of which, the 2014-2015 season was organized at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, the 2015-2016 season at McGrath-Phillips Arena on DePaul University’s campus in Chicago, the 2016-2017 season at the Al McGuire Center on Marquette University’s campus in Milwaukee, Wis, before a three-year organization at Wintrust Arena, Chicago.

Previously, the BIG EAST Women’s Basketball Tournament was held for ten consecutive seasons at the XL Center in Hartford, Conn., following an organization of 21 years at on-campus arenas.

World’s Best Female Basketball Players

Many people think that competitive sports such as football, baseball, and basketball are only suitable for strong men. The followings are the world’s top six best female basketball players who prove that the thinking is not correct.

1/Carol Blazejowski

The first name of the top best female basketball players is Carol Blazejowski. She became more popular after setting a Madison Square Garden record with 52 focuses in Montclair State’s 102-91 win over Queens College on March 6, 1978.

2/ Diana Taurasi

Diana Lorena Taurasi, born on June 11, 1982, is a famous female basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury under the Women’s National Basketball Association. In 2011, she was named among the top 15 best players prior to the beginning of each diversion.

3/ Maya Moore

April Moore is also an American basketball player, who is a member of the Women’s National Basketball Association. She won the Naismith Prep Player of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

She also reaped the first-class Jordan Brand and had a strong association portfolio, including the Maya Moore Academy with Life Time Fitness.

4/ Cynthia Cooper

Like Diana Taurasi and Maya MooreCynthia Cooper is an American basketball player. She won NCAA titles at Southern California for twice and WNBA titles with Houston Comets for four times before returning to the USC to mentor. 

5/ Lisa Leslie

Besides her own four Olympic gold awards, she helped her team Sparks to the WNBA titles in 2001 and 2002. She also won the MPV for three times in 2001, 2004, and 2006. Notably, she was the first-group all-alliance determination for a record of eight circumstances.

6/ Lindsay Whalen

Born on May 9, 1982, Lindsey Marie Whalen is a famous American basketball player for the AGÜ Spor of Eurobasket and the Minnesota Lynx of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

She won The World and Olympic titles when playing for the United States ladies’ national ball group and three WNBA titles with the Lynx.

Ten Tallest Players in U.S. Women’s National Basketball Association (P3)

The followings are the third part of the top ten tallest players in the U.S. Women’s National Basketball Association. 

6/ Brittney Griner (6 ft-8 inches)

Brittney Griner is now playing for the Phoenix Mercury and is the only player in the NCAA history to gain 2,000 points and block 500 shots. 

She is a standing collegiate player at Baylor University, in which she won the school’s first-ever triple-double in 2009. 

In 2019, she and her team Baylor recorded 40 wins during the undefeated season and won the NCAA title. This year, she was appointed as the NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player of the Year and AP College Player of the Year. 

Since participating in the WNBA, Brittney Griner has led the league in blocks for five consecutive seasons and was named to the All-WNBA First team in 2014 season. 

5/ Maria Stepanova (6 ft- 8 inches)

When growing up, Maria Stepanova was called as a giraffe, which offended her. However, she proudly becomes the tallest player on the Russian National basketball team and the fourth tallest player in the WNBA. 

She played three seasons in the WNBA for five seasons in the 1998-2005 period. She helped Russia win bronze medals at the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

She was named as the Russian Female Basketball Player of the Year for three times and the FIBA Europe Women’s Player of the Year for three times. As such results, she was appointed as the Honored Master of Sports in Russia.

4/ Lindsay Taylor (6 ft- 8 inches)

With the length of six feet and eight inches, Lindsay Taylor was the tallest female basketball player of the UC Santa Barbara women’s basketball program. She helped the team win the 2004 NCAA Sweet Sixteen, the farthest the school has ever achieved in its history. 

Her career in the WNBA was quite short and she played for four teams. She had a successful professional career overseas in Europe and Asia. She was the Big West Player of the Year and the Big West Tournament MVP in college for three times.

Ten Tallest Players in U.S. Women’s National Basketball Association (P1)

The followings are the second part of the tallest players in the U.S. Women’s National Basketball Association.

8/ Kara Wolters Drinan (6 ft-7 in)

Called “Big Girl,” Kara Wolters Drinan is the tallest basketball player for the University of Connecticut and one of the tallest female basketball players to play at the WNBA.

With a height of 6 feet and seven inches, Wolters was picked to the third round of the Houston Comets at the 1999 WNBA Draft. Before debuting at the WNBA, she played for the New England Blizzards during the final two seasons of the ABL.

She played four WNBA seasons and became one of ten women to win an NCAA championship, Olympic gold medal, and the WNBA championship.

She won the gold medal at the 2000 Olympics and partly helped the U.S. women’s national basketball team win the gold medal at the 1998 World Championships. Kara Wolters Drinan also gained the AP College Player of the Year in 1997.

7/ Katharen Ruth Mattera (6 ft-7.5 in)

Katharen Ruth Mattera was the seventh tallest basketball player to ever play at the WNBA. She was the tallest player to ever play college ball at Liberty University and the tallest one to play in the history of the Big South Conference.

She became only the second player in NCAA history to lead the nation in the goal percentage goal in the 2004 and 2005 seasons. She was selected by the Connecticut Sun with the 8th overall pick in the 2005 WNBA Draft. During his six-season in the WNBA, she was named to the 2005 WNBA Rookie Team.

Katharen Ruth Mattera won the South Big Conference Player of the Year for three times and the South Big Conference All-time leading shot blocker.

At present, she is the head coach of the Cornerstone University women’s basketball team.

Tallest Players in U.S. Women’s National Basketball Assoc. (P1)

Height is a very important feature for women to play basketball. Each professional basketball team should have at least one big women player, especially in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

The followings are the top ten tallest female basketball players in the WNBA.

10/ Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles (6 ft-6 in)

As one of the world’s tallest female basketball players, Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles is one of the most dominant players in the WNBA today. She is recognized as the WNBA MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, also the third player in the WNBA to dunk in an All-Star game.

She had played at the Sky for seven seasons before being traded to the Minnesota Lynx in 2015. Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles helped the Lynx gain three consecutive WNBA championships and win the WNBA titles in 2015 and 2017.

She also achieved the Defensive Player of the Year winner for three times, the WNBA All-Star for four times, the All WNBA First Team for three times, and the WNBA All-Defensive First Team for four times.

She played for the U.S. Women’s National Basketball Team and won the gold medals during the Olympics 2008, 2012, and 2016.

9/ Carolyn Moos (6 ft-6 in)

Carolyn Moos is always be remembered for being a woman who married the first openly gay player of the NA. She was engaged to former NBA player Jason Collins, the first publicly gay player in any of four major North American pro sports leagues.

She played for the Mercury in 2001, the Miami Sol in 2002, and the Minnesota Lynx in 2003.

She then was a member of the U.S. Women’s under 19 national basketball team, which won a gold medal at the third Junior World Championship in Brazil in 1997.

Laura Hodges-Famous Australian Female Basketball Player

Besides football and baseball, basketball is the most popular sport in Australia. Notably, the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) created many professional players.

Born on December 13, 1983, Laura Hodges is an incredible role model for the aspiring young females in the Australian Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL).

She first played in the WNBL in 1999 with the Australian Institute of Sport. At the age of 18, the Sturt Sabres Basketball Club junior won the WNBL Rookie of the Year with the Australian Institute of Sport. She then returned home to play with the Adelaide Lightning for four years.

The strong playing style of Hodges was recognized by the WNBA. Hodges was drafted to the Connecticut Suns in 2005. Hodges played with the Suns for two seasons and then played with Toronto, Parma, and Bracco Geas for the next six years.

In 2012, she returned to the WNBL and the Adelaide Lightning and brought the incredible form. Thanks to her achievements, she was selected with the WNBL All-Star Five and the league leader in terms of goal percentage in 2014.

In 2015, Hodges traveled back to Europe and took part in a French team Bourges Basket and partly contributed to the team’s championship that first year.

However, she decided to return home once more time and became a caption of the welcoming and youthful Adelaide Lightning ahead of the 2016-2017 season.

She has proudly represented Australia for over a decade. When she was 19 years old, she played for Opals and helped the team win the bronze medal at the FIBA World Championships in 2002.

During her career, she received many achievements such as silver medals in the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008, a bronze medal in the Olympic Games in 2012, a gold medal at the FIBA World Championship in 2006 and bronze medals at the FIBA World Championship in 2002 and 2014.

She also helped the Opals take out a gold medal in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2013 FIBA Oceania Championship.

Australian Famous Women Basketball Players in WNBL (Part 1)

Australia is home to many famous women basketball players, especially those coming from the Women’s National Basketball League. The followings are some of the most well-known women basketball players in Australia.

1/Abby Bishop

Abby Bishop began her career in the Women’s National Basketball League in 2005 at the Australian Institute of Sport. In 2006, she took out the Betty Watson WNBL Rookie of the Year award at the AIS.

In the next four years, Bishop played at the Canberra Capitals and won three WNBL Championships and a WNBL All-Star Five selection in 2009. She then headed to the WNBA to play for the Seattle Storm in 2010 and won the WNBA Championship.

In 2011, she returned to the WNBL to play for the Dandenong Rangers for one season and then played for the Adelaide Lightning for the 2011-2012 season.

She played for the French team Prepignan in 2012 and welcomed back to the Canberra Capitals in 2013. Abby Bishop won the league’s 2015 MVP award.

She started her international basketball career in 2007 at the FIBA U21 World Championship and the FIBA Oceania Championship. She then played in the 2010 FIBA World Championship, the 2011 FIBA Oceania Championship, and the 2011 World University Games.

In 2011, Bishop won the Maher Medal for the International Player of the Year. One year later, she played for the Opals team in the Olympic Games and won the Olympic Bronze Medal.

She has recently been signed to the Adelaide Lightning for the 2017-2018 season.

2/ Cayla George

Like Abby Bishop, the WNBL career of Cayla George began in 2005 when she played for the Australian Institute of Sport. In 2007, she received the WNBL Betty Watson Rookie of the Year award with an average of 13.2 points and 8.2 rebounds per game.

In 2008, she headed to Mount Barker to play for the Eastern Mavericks in the Central Australian Basketball League and won the Halls Medal for the best and fairest player.

After two seasons in France in 2012-2014, Cayla returned to the WNBL and play for Townsville Fire, who took out the WNBL Championship in the 2014-2015 season.

She won the silver medals of the 2007 FIBA U21 World Championship and the 2007 FIBA U19 World Championship, the gold medals of the 2011 and 2013 FIBA Oceania Championship and the bronze medal of the 2014 FIBA World Championship.

Australia to Host 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup: FIBA

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has chosen Australia as the hosting nation for the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup, which will take place in Sydney late September and early October 2022.

This will be the second time that Australia would host the Women’s Basketball World Cup, after the first time in 1994.

The FIBA said that the Basketball Australia and the Russian Basketball Federation were the finalists bidding to organize the ten-day-long event.

However, at a video conference in March, the FIBA’s Central Board made the decision after hearing the presentation of the two candidates. President of the FIBA Hamane Niang said that the Central Board hailed the excellent presentations from the two strong national federations. However, there could be only one host nation for the 2020 event. It would be Australia, he said.

The tournament will take place in two venues in Sydney Olympic Park within over ten days. It will have the participation of 144 best players in the world, from 12 teams in 38 games.

The pre-qualifying tournaments of the FIBA’s Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 will be organized in each region in November 2021. Qualified teams will join the FIBA Qualifying Tournaments in February 2022, and the final 12 countries will take the court in Sydney.

The New South Wales Government will support the Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022, through major tourism and events agency such as the Destination New South Wales and the Office of Sport.

According to the FIBA, Australia is one of only four nations to win the Women’s Basketball World Cup title since the launching of the event in 1953. The Opals, one of the major basketball teams in Australia, was runner-up in the last World Cup and achieved a medal in every tournament since 1986.

Laeticia Amihere, Fran Belibi –Two Youngest Basketball Players Famous for Dunking

Basketball is popular for both men and women in the United States. Of which, Laeticia Amihere and Fran Belibi are among the youngest female players in the world. Both of them were born in 2001 and are now at the age of 19.

1/ Laeticia Amihere

Born on July 10, 2001, Laeticia Amihere is one of the youngest Canadian basketball players. At the age of 15, she became the first Canadian female player to dunk during a competition at the Boo Williams Invitational tournament in 2017.

Since the video of her dunk released, Laeticia Amihere has been famous and received the attention of former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal and Canadian hip-hop artist Drake.

Laeticia Amihere is ranked fourth among Canadian basketball players, down from her second position in the 2019 ranking. According to a report on ESPN website, she is set to become the face of Canadian women’s senior basketball program, which come the fifth place in the world.

She started playing internationally for Team Canada in 2015 after having played in many local leagues, including the ‘Nike Cup’ in July 2013. She attended ‘She’s Got Game Classic’ in December 2016 and the ‘Boo Williams Invitational’ in April 2017. In 2017, she was chosen in FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball all-star team.

2/ Fran Belibi

Born July 20, 2001, Fran Belibi is among the youngest American basketball players. She is famous for becoming the first girl to dunk during a high-school match. As soon as the video of her dunking at a game in Colorado in January 2017 publicized, she achieved the feat.

She then did the act again during another math in December 2017, affirming that her previous result was not a fluke.  

Although she started playing basketball only from September 2015, Fran Belibi is listed among the top 25 prospects in the ESPN HoopGurlz rankings.

She played three seasons at Regis Jesuit High School. When playing for the United States, Fran Belibi has helped her teams win gold medals at the ‘2017 FIBA Americas U16 Championship’ as well as ‘2018 FIBA U17 World Cup’. Besides, she helped the U.S. win the ‘2018 Latvia U17 International Invitational’ title.