Dubbed the Queen of European Basketball, Antonija Misura has been fluttering the hearts of many male ballers for many years. 

With an ideal height of 1m81, Antonija Misura makes men stand up every time they appear in front of the camera lens. The Croatian basketball player and his national team won the Bronze Medal of the Mediterranean Games 2009 and the Jolly JBS National Championship.

But the lovely face and the hot body are the reasons that make Misura’s name popular all over the world. 

In the past, she also made extra money by part-time modeling in her hometown

Her elegance left the border for the first time in 2009, when the Croatian Women’s Team attended the 2009 Mediterranean Games in Pescara. Here, 80 photographers from 23 countries voted overwhelmingly for Antonija as the beauty of the tournament.

The name Antonija Misura became popular all over the world when she was selected to the 2012 Olympics team. While she didn’t play much in London and the Croatian women’s team didn’t do well, athletic students in 1988 nevertheless induced heavenly beauty fever. 

Thanks to the assistance of Reddit social network readers, Bleacher Report said that she is the most stunning competitor in the Olympics. It covers newspapers and magazines around the world, such as Russia Today, The New England Sports Network, Blic and Muze. NBA player Nate Robinson said this is probably the most beautiful woman ever to put on a shoe” after watching the Croatia-Czech match.

Popular for that but little by little Antonija was irritated by over-attention. She agreed to refuse much of the offer to model pictures, concentrating on her competitive career as well as her research. In 2015, she got in a flower carriage with another basketball star, Marko Sandric, and now she’s living with a baby child.