Sue Bird merits the title of “Queen” of the WNBA for her accomplishments at the age of 40. 

If LeBron James is the “King” of the NBA, Suzane Brigit Bird deserves to be named the “Queen” of the American Women’s Basketball Scene. Today, the female player has just celebrated her 40th birthday, just a week after winning the Seattle Storm WNBA Championship. This is also the fourth award of Sue’s 17-year career in professional football.

This accomplishment is reminiscent of LeBron James and the Lakers’ most recent NBA win this year. Few people know, however, that this is only a landmark in the castle’s illustrious career as a 40-year-old woman. 

Sue Bird was considered to be a natural high school basketball talent before playing professionally. She started playing in AAU (American High School Basketball) in Grade 6. Her first women’s championship was in Christ the King’s High School shirt.

At NCAA, several universities want to own their talents, but Sue has chosen UConn as the place to submit her passion. She and the team won two NCAA championships in 2000 and 2002. 

She also took part in a match that is considered the best women’s basketball ever. This is also the true inspiration for the book “Bird at the Buzzer” (roughly translated: The moment of buzzer beater by Sue Bird).

As she plays professionally, Sue Bird holds a huge gold record that is not inferior to her colleague LeBron

The most famous among them are the four WNBA championships, four Olympic gold medals, four gold medals and one FIBA World Cup bronze medal in the national team colors and several individual wins on the WNBA chart.

There are many items in common with LeBron James and Sue Bird, both of whom have shown early interest in basketball. Their efforts paid off when they both entered professional play in 2002 and were the first option for Cleveland Cavaliers and Seattle Storm. 

After 17 years of professional competition this season, the two stars have just completed their set of accomplishments with the fourth trophy of the championship.

Many analysts also agree that with their current shape along with the strong lineup they are involved in these two stars will continue to be at the top of their careers for a long time to come.