Baseball is the world’s second richest sport. However, during the Covid 19 season, baseball players have to complain about the danger of starvation before they are hit by the disease.

According to Rules Of Sport, among the ten richest sports in the world, baseball is ranked No. 2 and is also predicted to climb to No. 1 in the future. 

Statistics reveal that the overall baseball village income is up to USD 3.82 million a year

However, if you’re heading far into the baseball village, you can see that the prosperity posted in the newspaper isn’t for everybody. Somewhere in the American baseball village, several players joke with each other that they can “die to death until they die from sickness.” It’s a harsh fact because without Covid-19, very few people would have understood this.

The wealth of the American baseball village is based only on the major stars competing in the MLB (the biggest baseball tournament in America). However, in lower competitions, such as MiLB, players are struggling with a limited allocation of just USD 10 per day during the non-match time.

When the stadium lights are on, their pay is just $1,200 USD-2,400 USD / month, smaller than the typical American income. John O’Reilly’s Rutgers Baseball Team is an example of this. After the MiLB award was closed, O’Reilly was not economically enough to remain in the region. He had to carry his suitcase to live with his parents in New Jersey.

John O’Reilly had to work alone in the vacant fields every day to preserve his pitching skills. He didn’t have enough money to go to the gym, nor did he have any teammates to train with. Recently, John heard the news of the lightning: the baseball team he represented will not have paid for his break.

If Covid-19 is to last, many baseball players would have to consider doing some left-hand jobs to keep their life running, waiting for the stadium to light up again.